• To Jesus Through Mary

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Academic Life

The emphasis of the academics at Immaculate Heart of Mary School is on eternal truths. All studies focus and reinforce that which is learned in the Religion course.

The formal name of this chapter is The Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapter of the National Honor Society.

St. Thomas Aquinas is the special patron and its motto is Noblesse Oblige… "Nobility Obliges." The special symbol of the IHM Chapter is the yellow rose, and its colors are the IHM School colors: blue and yellow.

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is a Catholic school. It has, therefore a specific duty. That is the complete Catholic formation of its students. All subjects must be taught in the light of the Faith. The teaching of sound Catholic doctrine must lead to the development of a true conscience and each pupil, understanding the Faith, must come to live knowingly as a child of God.