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Progress & Purpose 2/2014

To all outward appearances activity at MacIsaac Hall, now blanketed in snow, seems to be at a standstill; but do not be deceived. Unless the Center’s truck is busy snow plowing it can be seen almost every day parked outside MacIsaac Hall along with many other vehicles. Within the walls, the Brothers and builders are getting down to the “nitty gritty” of all that makes such a facility usable.
    Over the past months, the enormous HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system has been carefully installed and is finally ready to go online (up and running). Next on the checklist are the installation of the fire alarm system, the finish work on the general electricity, a “Framing and Structural” inspection, and then the insulating of the front entrance.
    The the wall that separates the stage from the audience, is ready to be frame, and the court area of the gym itself has been sheet-rocked and now awaits the installation of state-of-the-art light fixtures which have been donated by a very generous benefactor!
    Meanwhile, anticipation for the gym escalates as the IHM basketball teams complete their final year in rented facilities. Since their beginning, the teams have had to travel away from the IHM campus for all practices and home games. Saint John’s Gym (St. John the Evangelist Parish, Clinton, MA) was rented to host the Eagles’ home games. The girls team was established in 2006 and is coached by Mr. John Vail; the boys team was established in 2008 and is coached by Mr. Jonathan Olden. Both teams are able to keep to the MIAA standards and commitments. Afternoon practices and drills pay off during the average sixteen games each team plays per season. Aside from an increase in school pride and spirit and an excellent academic incentive, the sport has also provided a wonderful source of community events for families, friends and benefactors. Once the gym is finished all home games and practices will be moved to the Center.    
    Once MacIsaac Hall is finished, we will finally have all our events at the Center. Until now our pageants, plays, concerts and dramatized presentations have been held in rented facilities in local towns. With the help of God and the generosity of many donors our dream is nearing completion. If you can help in any way, we would be more than grateful.

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