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Advent Practices for Children

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crib2 300Build a spiritual Christmas crib with your young children by following the prayers and practices for each day of December until Christmas with these suggested Advent Practices for Children.

December 1 - I will honor Mary in a very special way today by being cheerful. I will pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.

December 2 - I will secretly do a kind act for someone who isn't very friendly to me.

December 3 - I will eat more of what I don't like and less of what I like today. I will be grateful for the food I have.

December 4 - I will keep calm and not lose my temper when I am pushed or treated rudely.

December 5 - I will thank God for all He gives me. I will show my parents I am grateful for all they do for me.

December 6 - I will do my daily work well today and with joy - for God.

December 7 - I will give a "happy smile" to all I meet today. I will make them feel good by showing how happy I am that Jesus is coming.

December 8 - I will clean up my heart for the coming of Jesus by working hard today and doing my best.

December 9 - I will be happy with the things I have and not beg my family for more or better things.

December 10 - I will do some work for Mom or Dad to help them rest after a hard day of work.

December 11 - I will warm my heart with love for Jesus by doing a kind act for each one in my family.

December 12 - I will obey my parents, teachers and others in charge of me. 

December 13 - I will warm all I meet today with my friendship, making a particular effort with those I have difficulty liking.

December 14 - I will be kind to all I meet today and kind in a special way to someone I don't like so well.

December 15 - I will excuse others when they are thoughtless, but I will try to be more thoughtful of others today.

December 16 - I will do what I can to please my parents and family in a special way today.

December 17 - I will ask Mary to help me make room for Jesus in my heart by doing what He wants me to do.

December 18 - I will be helpful at home these last days before Jesus' birthday.

December 19 - I will make room in my heart for others. I will try to show special love for someone who seems to be unhappy or very lonely.

December 20 - I will show God I trust in His help by being a peacemaker today in school and at home.

December 21 - I will try to be patient today, especially when others keep me waiting or do things that bother me.

December 22 - I will not complain today, even if I have to do things I don't like.

December 23 - I will be a star of joy to everyone I meet today.

December 24 - I welcome Jesus with great love and offer Him all the good acts I did and the prayers I said during the weeks of Advent.

December 25 - Divine Babe of Bethlehem, come take birth in my heart!